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Why do Rio Carnival Dates Change Every Year?

The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is a world famous festival that happens before Lent. Brazil Carnival has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome celebrations that later, were incorporated into the Catholic liturgical calendar. By the Catholic Calendar, Carnival is always celebrated seven Sundays before the Sunday of Easter. This is why the Rio Carnival Dates vary from year to year.

Easter Sunday is immediately after the full moon that occurs between March 22 and April 26. This difference in dates happens because the calendar used to set the months  and days of the year is based on the sun. The calendar that set the dates of Easter is based on the moon, so every year the dates will change and that affects the Rio Carnival Dates.

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Rio Carnival Dates Through 2035

Rio Carnival 2025: February 28 – March 5
Rio Carnival 2026: February 13 – 18
Rio Carnival 2027: February 5 – 10
Rio Carnival 2028: February 25 – March 1
Rio Carnival 2029: February 9 -14
Rio Carnival 2030: March 1 – 6
Rio Carnival 2031: February 21 – 26
Rio Carnival 2032: February 06 – 11
Rio Carnival 2033: February 25 – March 02
Rio Carnival 2034: February 17 – 22
Rio Carnival 2035: February 02 – 07

Rio Carnival Packages

If you are looking to travel to Rio Carnival, we can provide the package below. We usually always have pricing about 12 to 14 months prior to Carnival. No matter your Rio Carnival Dates, TGW Travel Group will make sure you have the time of your life!

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Rio Carnival Packages Include:

  • Airfare to Rio (Optional & from anywhere in the world)
  • Hotel Accommodations (Choose Among 3, 4 & 5 star options)
  • 3 Exclusive Private Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parties
  • Company Guides/Local Staff at all venues
  • Transportation to events
  • Half-Day City Tour of  Christ Statue Rio 
  • 24 Hour On-Location Staff
  • Daily Breakfast Buffet
  • Airport Transfers in/out of Rio Airport
  • All Taxes & Fees

* Pricing starts at $2,099 without airfare **Packages can be 100% Customized to your preferences ***5 to 7 nights recommended **** Samba Parade Sold Seperately or can be traded for parties ***** Trip Cancelation Insurance HIGHLY Recommended

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Planning a Trip to Rio Carnival can be tricky! Where is the best place to stay??? How do I get Carnival Parade Tickets??? Which are the Best Rio Carnival Parties??? A TGW Travel Expert will be happy to answer all of your questions and plan that bucket-list trip you have been dreaming of. Give us a call at 1-877-456-9453 or 786-522-3667 (Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm Eastern Standard). We also have UK Line for our European clients +44 20 33719356.

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